Sacre Coeure (Sacred Heart)

On a late, frigid night I rescued this gal on Willy Street (Madison, WI) using the Dexter Kit kept in my Jeep. I sprang into action and she now stands proudly as an homage to my first pacemaker.

Through all of my adult life I have had a wild and woolly cancer history exhibited in much of my work. The meeting of Jesus as The Sacred Heart and my first pacemaker (installed in my 40’s), sacred to my actual existence, is an obvious symbol for me. Both science and religion weave themselves, as do the power wires themselves, presenting a comprehensive tableau of human and raccoon existence.

  • Industrial roof vent purchased at Deconstruction Reclaimed Salvage in Madison, WI as a gift to the artist
  • Copy of artist’s first pacemaker model
  • Shelf constructed of junk farm wood shellacked with a French polish
  • Sacred Heart devotional candle, Athenian Candle, Chicago, IL
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus holy cards, St. Jude’s Shop, Havertown, PA

The Taxidermist
Marcia Field